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Welcome to Kasco Fountain

Kascofountain.com is owned by Fountain Mountain, Inc. But this site, for your convenience, focuses exclusively on Kasco fountains, Kasco aerators, and Kasco lighting. We wish you to have a very, very simple shopping experience. Please feel fre to contact us about Kasco fountains, Kasco aerators, and Kasco lighting questions. Kasco now has very good LED lights for your floating fountain needs. Also, find our electrical cost calculator on our site so you can see how much Kasco products cost to run compared to the competition.

Please notice that Kasco now sells up to 7.5 HP fountains fo large displays. Also, brand new: Kasco LED light kits! These are less expensive and use very little electricity compared to Kasco halogen light kits Kasco has tested and re-tested to make sure that the light output is similar to the output of halogen kits.

Please feel free to call or fax toll-free, or, if  you'd rather, call us. If we do not know the answer, we will try to get one as soon as possible.

2351 Thompson Way,
C-2 Santa MAria, CA 93455
Call: 800-319-3854
Fax: 800-853-2353
Store Hours
Monday to Friday 8-4:30 Pacific Time

Kasco Fountains

Kasco's floating fountains and aerators are highly efficient, with much lower power consumption than competitive equipment. Featuring superior dependability in salt-wa

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